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The House

No. 50 Stubbs Rd, Mid-Levels East, Hong Kong
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Simply called 'The House', this futuristic residence at No.50 Stubbs Road clings to the hillside looking for all the world as a spacecraft from another planet. At first glance, the structure gives the impression of a large glass cabin perched on stilts - the extensions of the enormous columns around which the architect Mr. Lum Chong Kiat has cosntruced this beautiful home. The front two columns plunge deep into the blue waters of the swimming pool at the front of the building which provides panoramic vistas of Happy Valley. To provide a piece of old world oriental charm to the setting, the owner and architect opted for a Japanese style house and garden as an accessory to the main building. It provides a startling contract to the sleek glass, aluminium and steel of 'The House' proper which is reached via a specially constructed driveway extending from the main road which curves gently to the Main courtyard.

The House
Year of Completion
Architect Lim Chong Kiat