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Hip Hing's success is founded on the commitment, professionalism and teamwork of our people. This is the Hip Hing Spirit.

Hip Hing Construction Group

Hip Hing Construction Group

The Hip Hing Construction Group comprises:

Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd.

Registration Nos.: GBC7/99, SC(F) 37/99, SC(SF) 36/99

Founded in 1961, its principal business is the design and construction of building works for private sector clients.

Hip Hing Engineering Co., Ltd.

Registration Nos.: GBC241/99, SC(F) 34/99, SC(SF) 37/99

Founded in 1964, it undertakes the design and construction of building and civil engineering works for public sector clients.

Hip Hing Builders Co., Ltd.

Registration Nos.: GBC14/99, SC(F) 41/99

Its principal business is the design and construction of building works for New World Development Co., Ltd.

Vibro (H.K.) Ltd.

Registration Nos.: GBC301/99, SC(F) 11/99, SC(SF) 66/99, SC(GI) 4/2001

Founded in 1929, its principal business is the design and construction of civil engineering works, with particular expertise in foundations and site investigation works.

Vibro Construction Co., Ltd.

Registration Nos.: GBC462/99, SC(F) 61/99, SC(F) 6/99

Undertakes the design and construction of civil engineering works and the construction of landslip preventive measures (LPM) and remedial works to slopes and retaining walls.

Vibro Foundation Ltd.

Registration Nos.: SC(F) 3/2016, SC(SF) 2/2017, SC(GI) 1/2017

Its principal business and area of expertise is the design and construction of foundations and site investigation works.

In addition the Hip Hing Construction Group has operating companies which undertake projects in the Macau Special Administrative Region.

Hip Hing Construction Group Value

Our Areas of Expertise


While the scale and complexity of construction projects has increased over the last 55 years, Hip Hing has consistently delivered technically demanding projects to the satisfaction of our clients. The expertise and capabilities we have developed allows us to provide comprehensive design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning and handover solutions. We have embraced advances in technology and construction techniques to provide eco-friendly, sustainable solutions that meet our clients' needs.

We have extensive experience and a track record of successfully delivering projects using traditional and non-traditional procurement strategies, such as Design & Build, Management Contracting and Prime Cost Contracting. Clients frequently draw upon our expertise by appointing us to provide pre-construction services.We have provided advice on planning and programming, construction methodology and sequence, buildability, methods of procurement, contract arrangements, risk management, cost planning and safety, quality and environmental management strategies.


Founded in 1929, Vibro (H.K.) Ltd. is the oldest foundation contractor in Hong Kong. For more than 85 years we have been designing and constructing a variety of foundation types to overcome the difficulties posed by Hong Kong’s ground conditions for a wide range of projects. Vibro (H.K.) Ltd. has particular expertise in bored piling works and extensive experience of carrying out ground investigation works.

Civil Engineering

We have completed a wide range of civil engineering works including site formation, site infrastructure, roads and drainage, waterworks, site investigation, landslip preventive measures (LPM) and slope works.